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If you want to improve your game or start your own business, the best shortcut is to find a good mentor. A mentor can see more talent and ability within you than you can see in yourself. My job is to help bring it out of you.

My style is courageous, collaborative, creative, fun, empathic, appropriately challenging and championing. I will be totally invested in supporting you make the best choices for you with my distinctive offering of compassion, leadership, vision, wisdom and radical candour. 


You are a unique flavour. We will celebrate your uniqueness.

I work with adults and am especially passionate to mentor women who notice they struggle to be in the spotlight, to be seen and to take risks. I have walked this path and have lived experience of self-limiting mindsets and behaviours that can hold women back.

If you are considering working with a good mentor to help you raise your game, call me to arrange an exploratory conversation about how I may be of value.

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“I want every little girl who’s been told she’s bossy to be told again she has leadership skills.” - Sheryl Sandberg

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