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Good supervision can be transformative. My aim is to offer a safe and nourishing environment in which to grow a rich supervisory relationship that feels safe enough to bring all of yourself; your good parts, your uncertainties, your vulnerabilities and to take risks. Together we will celebrate success, work through challenges and setbacks, embrace growth and develop professionally.










Our work will be informed and guided by your professional and ethical framework. You are welcome to raise organisational issues affecting your work and explore ways to develop your role or service.  


My workstyle is dynamic, championing, encouraging, celebratory, empathic and appropriately challenging.


Come and upload, download, relax, stre-e-e-e-etch and flex so that you can be your best for your clients, and also attend to your own self-care. Armchair counsellors…this is probably not for you.








"Supervision is the art of transformation and metamorphosis."


What I offer:

 - Person-centred and Integrative therapeutic approach

- Online and in-person supervision for qualified       counsellors and trainees

Why me?

Qualified to Level 5 Certificate in Counselling      Supervision

- Successful private practices, counselling adult clients

Supervision sessions cost £70 per hour.

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